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Database Support

Database Lifecycle Management

KSPLSOFT provides Database Lifecycle Management services for enterprise clients around the world, delivering a full suite of end-to-end capabilities, ranging from design and development to support, monitoring, migration & tuning, along with infrastructure and disaster recovery services.

KSPLSOFT is your partner in outcome. We engage with clients as a partner, stand by their side and help them achieve results. In the process, we are willing to share risk, go the extra mile and make things happen. We are modelled to serve the need of the industry which includes onsite and offshore support.

The KSPLSOFT advantage

We assign right skill level DBA for the tasks at hand to get a quality output at acceptable cost. We are nimble and flexible to work with and more importantly, we are customer centric. Our deep technology expertise and experienced teams are committed to delivering success for our clients.

Our teams of database administrators are based in India and in US, ensuring availability across time zones. Our DBAs have attained competencies for all of the most widely used databases, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MySql, DB2 and Cloud DBs (e.g. Mongo DB, Maria DB etc.). We also have capability in DBA services to support Enterprise software products like SAP and ORACLE EBS DB/DBA needs.

In-depth Analysis and Planning

We analyse your organization’s needs and recommend database requirements accordingly. We provide detailed technical recommendations including technical architecture, server requirements, network configuration parameters etc. to meet your exact business needs.

Comprehensive Design

We design (including conceptual, logical and physical design) and deploy databases. This includes relation schemas, entity-relationship modelling and everything else that is required to make your databases as sturdy and reliable as possible

Decommissioning of Database

We work with clients to strategize and execute decommission policies and come up with SOP for decommissioning databases. This helps to reallocate resources while adhering to company norms and compliance requirements.

Performance Tuning

We perform regular database heath checks to ensure that your databases are functioning optimally. We monitor key database parameters and usage proactively and work with the Application / Server / Network and Storage team for continuous performance improvements. This means reduced downtime due to performance issues and faster resolution on incidents (in case of any).

Database Security

We recommend, plan and implement database security policies to meet business requirements and as well to meet the regulatory and audit compliance needs. We also generate regular database reports on security aspects to the stakeholders. We have deep knowledge in handling database encryptions at various levels to protect business confidential data sets and undertake personal records (PI data) management.


In order to reduce risks due to human errors and improve efficiency, we automate many ongoing maintenance tasks and also create / setup alert mechanisms if there is a need for intervention. Automation includes compliance checks, monitoring activities, data access breaches, backups, Creating SOPs and standard scripts for your environments. This also includes the introduction of automation tools like Oracle Enterprise Manager, APPDYNAMICS, DBA Suite, ManageEngine, SQLSENTRY, Hedgehog etc.

Stress Testing

To ensure the scalability and durability of your databases, we perform stress-testing. By doing this, we are able to identify shortcomings and potential snags even before we take the system online.

Compliance Audits

We perform regular compliance audits to ensure that all data storage rules and regulations are being adhered to, including data access polices and necessary log creation activities to avoid any unforeseen compliance hurdles in the future. This also helps in monitoring and analysing any threat to the business data.