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Database Projects

Database Projects

KSPLSOFT executes Database Projects to meet your business needs. We have the right skills and expertise to get database projects as per client requirements, completed on time and within the allocated budget.

Database projects are unique and require an in-depth understanding of database environments and the project requirements. We have extensive experience in handling small to large projects from end-to-end, including supporting application development DB design aspects.

Database Upgrades / Migrations

Our team helps organizations in creating a migration & upgrade strategies and plans. Our plans consider all the steps in the migration & upgrade process and are designed specifically to your organization’s needs. We use time tested best practices and deploy standard sets of scripts and tools to execute efficiently and thus minimize any chances of error. Our expertise in this space allows us to provide enhanced availability, reliability, scalability and cost efficiency to our clients. We also help our clients in cross-platform database migrations.

Database Installations / Patching

We have vast experience in new database installations and patching of various databases / versions. As part of the overall engagement we advise our clients in various patch requirements. We follow documented processes to ensure that installation and patching is done as per guidelines to reduce the risk and ensure that the process becomes repeatable and less time consuming.

Database Auditing

Data is one of the most critical assets of any organization. To protect & manage the data, we assist organizations in auditing databases and work to close any actionable items to reduce or nullify risks. We implement tools on databases to detect, alert and prevent unauthorized attempts to access databases and data. Engagement generally includes analysis and production of databases, provision of recommendations, comprehensive reports and preventive action plans.

Performance Tuning DBs / Applications

We perform end-to-end application performance analysis and tuning activities. As performance tuning process needs a deep understanding of application(s), technology, database and infrastructure in order to find the bottle neck and remove them. We deploy tuning experts who understand all aspects and work with the application team, DBAs and infrastructure team to provide solutions. Organisations with large transaction volume in their business benefit the most by tuning their DBs / applications.

High Availability Databases – Design / Setup

We provide high-availability solutions to help organizations to increase database availability in case of hardware or software failures that would otherwise lead to unplanned business downtime. Our expert DBA team guides you in developing a unique database architecture built around your organization’s business requirements, giving back control over the database availability. High availability solutions allow the business owners to focus on business while uncertainties are handled at ease and no interruption to business.

Setup Disaster Recovery (DR)

We can setup reliable disaster recovery (DR) databases / sites as per business requirements. The DR setup implemented by our expert team ensures that the service is resumed within a very short period of time (SLAs as per the business requirement), with minimal or no data loss in the event of hardware and software failures.