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Database Support Services

Database Support Services

Since databases are such critical IT components of any business, it is crucial that the health and the performance of the databases are monitored round the clock and maintained so that they are functioning optimally (know what action to take and when to take it) and efficiently serve the business need.

KSPLSOFT provides you with comprehensive Database Support services that take care of all your database support requirements. Our team of experts will work with you to recommend and perform every database support task required( i.e monitoring, backup, patching, clearing logs, recovering, archiving etc.) and become part of your database ecosystem.

Robust Support

We provide round the clock database support for any planned or unforeseen database activities. We deploy the skilled DBA at the right level for the right activity for better quality and optimized cost. Our experts will regularly conduct database enhancement procedures such as backups, patching, administration, installation and configuration. This ensures that your databases are never stagnant and are always performing better. Our team comprises of highly skilled DBA experts who will help trouble-shoot any problem.

Health Checks

To ensure minimum impact to your business, databases need constant monitoring and maintenance. Our team of experts regularly conduct health checks to ensure that your database environment is performing optimally at all times. Our DBA team collectively works with server and network teams to understand and plan necessary procedures and maintenance tasks so that there is a smooth operation of your database systems and business applications.

Pre-emptive Action

We monitor your databases round the clock and work on a proactive model where we are able to analyse patterns and take remedial actions before they become incidents. This will help in maximizing database availability to support your business needs. Our team conducts internal DB audits at acceptable frequencies and alert the stakeholders whenever needed. We also constantly make recommendation to our clients, based on the latest updates, vulnerabilities, the impact on DB environments and work with clients to minimize / nullify the risks.

Flexibility & Scalability

Our support model is flexible with round the clock, onsite-offshore model to ensure availability of our DBAs when your business needs them most. We possess a large pool of talented DBAs to ensure scalability. We can ramp up and down the team size as per the business needs.

Support ITIL Process

We are well versed with ITIL process and we adhere to the following:

  • Incident Management

  • Problem management

  • Change management

  • Service Management etc.

As per the industry standards and guidelines we keep records in a systematic way to ensure effective management and positive results.

Highly skilled DBA experts

We have a highly skilled and industry certified DBA team with expertise in Oracle, DB2, MS SQL, Mongo DB and MySQL databases and proficient in the latest trends in the database segment. We have a proven track record in setting up, managing and supporting complex database production environments. We believe in deploying the right skill level for the right work to provide efficient and effective service at an optimum cost.

Support models

Offshore Support Model

We provide support from offshore locations, facilitating maximum cost savings. Our highly secured network, equipped with the latest infrastructure and with high information security standards helps us in providing highest level of customer satisfaction.

  • :- Reduce Total cost of ownership (TCO) for DBA support

  • :- Readily available, experienced resources

  • :- Ensures 24/7 production support and quick remediation of database problem

  • :- Expert and certified off-shore senior database administrators

  • :- Increased database productivity and sustainment

  • :- Avoids extra costs for client infrastructure

Onsite Offshore Hybrid Model

The effective processes that we undertake in this model assure that knowledge transfer takes place between the onsite and offshore teams, making this model highly scalable, cost effective & operationally beneficial.

  • :- Innovative and highly efficient delivery model

  • :- Leverages the benefits of onsite, offsite, and offshore paradigms

  • :- Direct interaction with you and hence no possibility of communication gap

  • :- Cost savings resulting from majority of the work being undertaken from our offshore office

  • :- Round the clock continuous work cycle

  • :- Most value for your project with a lower TCO and high delivery quality

Onsite Model

Our onsite model is flexible and caters to your resourcing requirements based on your changing needs. We ensure in providing best and technically sound professionals with required skill sets.

  • :- Direct interaction with client ensuring no communication gap

  • :- Recommended model for critical projects with urgency and short term