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Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)is the best formula for digital marketing success. Are you also looking for SEO services in India to have huge brand awareness or to generate leads? Connect with us. Our team has the ability to generate quality leads for your business while developing your brand value. We completely believe that the best way to nurture leads is by developing good relationships, understanding your business prospects and offering guaranteed ranking within the affordable prices and timeline.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC advertising all starts with research. It is a digital marketing stem which gives you leads from day one. Choose our PPC services in India which include landing page creation, campaign management, bid management, report management, etc. to get your brand up and running in the digital world. According to research, more than 7 million advertisers invested a total of $10.1 billion in PPC advertising just during 2017. Experts found that search ads can boost brand awareness to 80 percent. Techies Infotech also place remarketing ads to get more buyers for your brand and further build loyalty in your customer base.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Today, Search Engine Marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your business in a rapidly increasing competitive marketplace. SEM includes advertising offers effective answers to your search engine questions. You can place ads on advertising platforms provided by search engines and with the right keyword strategy, get desired outcomes. According to experts, Three-fourths of people (75%) says SEM makes it easier to find the relevant information they are searching for on a website or search engine.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Today Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.are the most popular social media marketing platforms to target potential customers with engaging posts. Techies Infotech offer social media marketing services by running campaigns and creating quality content and designs for your posts. It works because most buyers base their decisions online and the popularity of their choice. SMM has gained such a success that it seems as if without it, your brand/business cannot stand in the competitive marketplace. According to experts, 63% of clients actually expect organizations to provide customer service via their social media platforms, and 90% of social media users have already used social media as a medium to communicate with a brand or business.